Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Coming Out of the Closet

I am tired of hiding it, the deception, the isolation and wondering who will accept me.  I am coming out of the fucking closet like a freight train. That's right I said it, I am coming out of the closet.  No, I am not making the grand announcement that I am Gay.  I am telling you that I came out of my closet today with an arm full of too big clothes, I now have more room in my closet.  Why? Oh, because I am no longer fat enough for 1/4 of my wardrobe!!!  YES!!! I cannot fit this shit.  And this time I am not keeping it only to be able to resurrect it like Jesus on Easter; in the event my fat ass visits a buffet one too many times in a week's span I won't have shit to wear.  Yupper, I am giving it away; yeah you know pay it forward and shit.  I am sure some plus sized female would love to have my fabulous wardrobe -- well at least 1/4 of it (for now).

As if  I had no knowledge of what size I was buying when I swiped my card in the clothing stores, imagine my facial expression of utter disgust when I realized some of my clothes at one point in time were actually a 3X!!! That's like BIG AS FUCK.  So freshly laundered I have bagged the things I pulled out today from 3X to 18W.  Damn me, I really didn't give a fuck about myself the way I thought I did.  I guess that was my Bravado. 

Well, Damn, Fuck and what in the fuck was I thinking?  Life is great I was ruining it.  Shame on Me.

Well now that that is said, I bid you a good night's rest.


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