Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh No, Aunt Flo

My only small win today is  that I still have not consumed a single carb; as a matter of fact for the past two days I have not had much of an appetite at all.  And had a loss also (but not in the size department), I didn't do one, single, solitary iota of exercise either.  I don't eat when I'm down and today, well your girl has been a bit down.  I don't have a catalyst other than my ever unpredictable Aunt Flo who thought today would be the perfect morning to show up.  Bright and early right before I started getting ready for work!

"Ding Dong" went my biological door bell.
"Who is it", I mumbled.  And there she was in scarlet as always, greeting me for her scheduled (yet and still) unannounced 3-7 day visit.

At first I thought to myself "well she's been here before and I survived those visits."  I mean last month by the time she left I was so tired from raising all that hell I slept almost 26 hours straight!  I mean  truly, my Aunt Flo is a hell raiser.  Usually when she comes, we dine well on pasta's and breads and fudge, lots of fudge.  But since I started this new lifestyle after her last visit we won't have any of those happy moments together this visit.  As a matter of fact she and I will have to find another common interest all together.

Judging by way I am feeling and have been all day, I think the first evening of her visit will be a slumber party.  Who doesn't love a good slumber party?  She should like this, don't you think?  Oh I sure do hope so.  After bath time we will put on our very over-sized pajamas and watch a movie in the dark snacking on water and air, slowly slumbering off into dreamland.  Not to mention I think my Aunt Flo needs a rest.  I mean she was just here last month and we raised a ton of hell.

Aunt Flo brought some baggage so I guess she will be here a few days.  Therefore, tomorrow I will make sure we have an iron filled meal to energize us over the next few days of her visit.  She really tends to make me deplete my bodily iron whenever she is around, so I will be making something very yummy with loads of spinach!

I'm a bit down y'all, but ya girl is NOT out!

((Hugs)) Nighty Night!


  1. I cracked up reading this..(love the pictures)...and at the same time was thankin my stars Aunt Flo has not returned yet. I commend you for being strong and not givin in to the chocolate.

  2. @Keva -- I'm glad you can laugh at the biological drama ahhaha

    @Brother OMi -- #PartOfLife dude


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