Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweat Is Best

What in the fuck are the benefits of sweating?  And I am asking this from a Black Woman's stand; our hair HATES sweat, (pause, I don't do my hair regularly -- but still).  I embarked on a search to find out what the benefits of sweating could possibly be?  I have been sweating profusely all day in this 91+ degree ass weather, working outdoors in my yard as if I'm picking my daily requirement of cotton. 

Sweating according to three fat chicks on a diet "Sweating has many health benefits. As a person sweats, it removes toxins and disease out of the body. The kidneys can take up to 24 hours to remove harmful toxins like lead and mercury out of the body, while sweating removes these metals much faster.  Sweating can also rid the body of harmful substances like alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Research as found that as much as thirty percent of the body’s wasted is eliminated through sweat." Pause!  So I can shit less if I sweat more?  Nope, read on. "fat becomes water-soluable and exits the body through sweat."

Well, nappy hair don't care; so the next time I sweat I will pretend my hair is just 'shower wet'; there are weeds to pull tomorrow, yet and still so sweat is my best bet!

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