Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Noticeable Change!

I am excited to report 2 noticeable changes!!!  

Foremost and most exciting: Yesterday, I threw my hands on my hips casually while watering the grass like I always do and, wait just a minute -- that little chunk of fatty tissue that has previously served as a resting shelf for my hip holding hand was gone.  I dropped the garden hose right there in my driveway and put both hands on my hips.  And what do you know, my shelves were gone.  I am not sure what this fatty area is called so I will call it upper booty hip fat.  Well its gone!

Have you ever noticed when you have on pants allllll day they start leaving impressions in your skin from sitting, standing or repetitive motion?  Well since I sit at work basically 8 hours a day except for minimal inner office walking, you end up with an indentation in your skin where the button, snap or fastener rest on your waist? Also yesterday I was not plagued with this problem.  A favorite pair of cargo style khaki's fit loser in the waist area, I was even able to tuck my shirt in confidently.

Small Changes toward my Big Reward, this is starting to feel good!  Motivated, yet again. 

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