Friday, July 15, 2011

Fat Ass Update (7-15-11)

Get The Fuck Outta Here!  Last week's update does not have shit on THIS week.  Sit back and hold on tight there has been such a drastic change from last Friday.

Food Choices
I haven't had a single carb break down, not one!  Breakfast was a big issue this week because I did not plan well enough to prep it at night, and I really was not in the mood in the mornings to cook before work. Walgreens still has that damn really good Liberty Chardonnay on sale for a mere $5.49 for the bigger bottle; but this week I think I may have had far less wine than I had last week. 

Yet again I was a pretty lazy dresser.  The now famous "Friday Jeans" that I have vowed to wear every Friday to gauge my weight loss were much baggier in the ass today!  Hoorayyy.  The thigh area was loose fitting and they were a tad bit longer (did I shrink)?  Lets not forget the all important waist of the jeans that had about 2 inches of extra space between my skin and the pant!  Had I not skipped two days of exercise I wonder if they would have fit even bigger?   Also, a pair of khaki's were fitting a lot looser in the ass and thigh area, the waist on those were not cutting off my circulation.  

The weekend and the beginning of the week were far more active in the exercise department.  I managed to get my 2 mile minimum in each day; up until Wednesday when Aunt Flo showed up.  The dread of her visit made me lethargic, and tired so Wednesday and Thursday I didn't do a damn movement outside of my normal activity.  Today is still up in the air as I am fighting to keep my eyes open as I type.

How I Feel
This week I was not feeling so swell all week.  Between little life stresses, battling a sinus infection, and the unannounced always expected visit from my Aunt Flo, I was pretty much a wreck.  Today I feel much better -- probably because it is Friday and I know that I have a few days to rest and rejuvenate.  I didn't feel the bloating from Aunt Flo's baggage nearly as bad as I typically do, it was far less of a problem this "visit".  And I can no longer rest my elbows on my muffin top when I sit down -- bummer, I think not!

I was thinking back to June 19, 2011 when I started this fight.  I am proud of myself, I am sure there are some fuckers out there with some bullshit to say but I don't need to hear it; I can do whatever I put my mind to I have Faith!

The change is a slow process, I didn't get fat over night and I am sticking with it! Can hardly wait to re-evaluate myself this time next week.

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