Friday, July 8, 2011

Fat Ass Update (7/8/11)

A quick update, this (work) week has been a successful journey for the eating portion.  I still have not managed to kick my wine habit but it has decreased.

Food Choices
Walgreens really needs to stop putting this Liberty Chardonnay on sale for a mere $5.49 for the bigger bottle.  I have not ingested any foods or beverages not on the induction list of the Atkins diet (except wine).  Today however, I will have some sort of orange juice or grapefruit since I feel like I am catching a lovely summer cold.

I did not notice too many clothes fitting much differently other than the pants I wore on Monday; which looked great on me by the way. I have been a lazy dresser this week so not really much in the fashion update department.  I am wearing my coined "Friday" jeans today.  I am determined to wear these jeans every Friday as a guide to see how they are fitting differently. 

How I Feel
Feeling great, more energy (except at work -- which is a mind over matter thing -- I think I need to take a vacation.) I haven't felt bloated in about 2 weeks, even the typical "monthly bloating" was substantially different.  My fat rolls are feeling softer more like cotton balls than a bouncing ball.

The change is a slow process, I didn't get fat over night and I am sticking with it! Can hardly wait to re-evaluate myself this time next week.

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