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My name is Blair, I am an educated hard working Mommy, Daughter, Friend and Writer.  And you know what?  I was tired, sick and damn tired of telling myself "when I lose this weight" or staring back at the person in the mirror and highlighting what I would start changing "tomorrow" ... that tomorrow never came.  I wasn't waiting on a day of the week, or a time of month; I was waiting on me! 

I started this Blog because I was determined to not fail!  I figured if I went public on the Web which can have a global implication of failure I would be more likely to succeed. I now admit this was yet another one of those, ‘pat myself on the back moments.’  Without this Blog I probably would have given up around day 3. 

In retrospect (ya’ know hind sight is 20/20) it is sickening what I did to myself!  I was at that time my worst enemy in sheep's clothes; I know how I could have had much self love or self worth.  Every day was like marrying a much hated X-Husband twice -- well that divorce is FINAL!

Like with any divorce, things can only progress from here.  I am happier, feeling healthier, more fit and determined to succeed.  Not only am I trying new things and going new places; I am embracing the fair qualities of the child I was, with adult wisdom.  Pretty much this is the best self actualization I have ever been privileged to take part. 

Every new moment is a new adventure! I am not the ‘Fat Mom’ at my Daughter’s school.  I am not hampered by my weight.  I am energetic and rarely tired.  I eat well and try new fresh herbs whenever I can in yummy new dishes.  I am such a regular at my gym that when I do not show up for a day or two someone calls or sends me a text to find out if all is well.  I enjoy wearing dresses, and skirts and super cute clothes without tugging on them all day, the way one does when they feel self conscious. 

My friend Joi asked me:  "What made you want to change?  You seemed fine with yourself."  Well Joi, and anyone else who wants to know the answer to this question:  I was as happy as I could possibly be with myself however, I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  You know the definition of insanityI had to find a way for me to get permanent results; therefore I had to do something different!  I had to find a way to start exercising, I needed a dietary way of life that I could live with and stick to without falling off the wagon.  Matter of fact the old me got just stale.   

I hope as a reader you interact with me through this blog’s Comment Sections (which I respond to all the time.)  Or via my Facebook ‘LIKE Page’.  As I transform so will my blog, I want to share what I am learning, when I have down falls and encourage others as I have been able to encourage myself.

Feel free to contact me, by clicking the Contact Me tab above you will find a number of different ways.

Enjoy the Blog and keep reading, as I promise you – the best is yet to come!

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