Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Motivation and Influences

Foremost, I am NOT KNOCKING ANYONE.  Be who you are, Be happy with yourself, Be healthy and don't EVER let another mother fucker ever rain on your parade -- including me! (And I mean that shit.)  I have always been self loved, self adored even self hated.  However, I'm finding my motivation to keep going in myself and everyday people.  People who like the former me are content with themselves.

SELF MOTIVATION <--- This is me in May 2011.  Notice I am damn near the same size as the big ass Corona bottle.  You can see the fat of my thighs beginning right above my knees. Had I not intervened myself when I did who knows what this fat layer may some day have turned into. (No good.)

SELF MOTIVATION Again May 2011, see the fat above the knees and extreme stomach sucking in, my loss of curves to a weird shape of ... I don't know maybe Banana with boobs?
SELF MOTIVATION This is July 1, 2011 12 days into my new lifestyle.  Muffin top, arm fat and shapeless bootay.  (Oh those are the "Friday Jeans by the way that was the first time I wore them.  I will make sure to take a pic this Friday.)

OUTSIDE INFLUENCED MOTIVATION #1: This is a lady I saw in the nail salon, her fat was literally falling out of the chair.  I didn't take a picture of this part, but she couldn't bend over and her friend helped her put her shoes back on.  I took another picture of her walking but hiding her identity was too difficult with my limited photo editing ability.  I DON'T EVER WANT TO BE THIS LADY.  But let me say ... she did have on a fly outfit! I have concealed identity to the best of my ability this is not a mockery just an observance.

OUTSIDE INFLUENCED MOTIVATION #2: Standing next to me in the market was this woman.  I would guess her weight but that is pointless, she was breathing heavy and sweating on a 70 degree day in the freezing cold market.  She was very nice though she even helped me find the spices I was looking for.  In 10 years I do not want to be wearing a dress that is only meant to cover me up.  I only want to more fabulous than I am right now.  I have concealed identity to the best of my ability this is not a mockery just an observance.

Life is what you make it, we make choices and decisions based on what we want.  What I want is a healthy active lifestyle, and to achieve that I had to start within and then begin with my outer.  On day 29 I was down 14lbs.  The way I see it is I have 70 lbs more to go until I reach my "outer" goal.  The journey will be awesome, and I am looking forward to every step forward and any tiny set backs.  I would say in the end, but this is a life choice not a temporary change.  So the end will end with me.  Life is what you make it, and honey child my life is marvelous!


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  1. You are kicking butt and taking names. Check out my blog. I love your winning attitude. I think I may even still you Friday jeans idea.


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