Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fat Ass Update (7-30-11)

Ahhh yes, results are starting to become noticeable.  This week quite a few people made comment on my weight loss "have you lost weight?" or "girl you are really coming down."  As much as I wanted to brag and jump for joy, I just humbly replied "I feel great."  I hate when people brag about their weight loss, just a personal pet peeve.  

Food Choices
I went shopping in the beginning of the week and grabbed a few items.  For lunch everyday this week I have enjoyed a tuna salad at my favorite Coney Island near my work.

I am still a breakfast failure.  I actually have 3 1/2 dozen eggs  and a package of unopened bacon in the fridge so its almost a sure bet that I will be eating breakfast pretty well for the next week or more as I hate wasting food.  I still have not cheated one bit! And really it is not hard to avoid carbs at all, pretty much mind over matter.  Do I want potato's, rice and pasta? Or Fat Elbows and Back Titties?  Hmmm that's a no brain-er, for sure!

Hallelujah! Diet Jesus has answered my prayers and my size 20's are no longer wearable because they simply fall off, sag in the ass and have lost their shape on me.  In short they are wayyy to big.  I intend to start bagging them up to pass along.  My clothes are all relatively new since I have a shopping addiction, so some lucky chunky chick will be very chic.  I am down to wearing my size 18's which I noted yesterday have about another two weeks of wear and then they will also be going. to the bye-bye bag.  I do plan (just for fun and motivation to send my size 18 #FridayJeans to StormyVawn, a fellow blogger and twitter (@stormyvawn) friend who has this week taken me up on the #FridayJeans tradition.

I have a few excuses for not exercising to my full potential this week.
Excuse List:
1. It was too hot out to walk, with heat advisories and 100+ degree temps.
2. I woke up too late each morning to get any work out in.
3. I was tired each day after work.

Yeah these are some dumb ass excuses and I suck.  Largely I can't figure out a good excuse why I didn't exercise.  But I did feel the results of not exercising.  So I need to get back on it.  Last Sunday, I did ride my recumbent bike for about 52mins which was a little over five miles.  I do need an exercise plan though; this week I will work from one that I intend to write today.

How I Feel  Small changes from last week, are now big changes this week, and I must say the most noticed change this week was the way my blouses fit in the upper arm area.  No more circulation cut off, and they are actually fitting the way they are supposed to.  Still appetite has shrunk size-ably; to the point where I forget to eat all together (which may I mention is not a good idea, I need to stay consistent with eating regular meals -- and make myself eat some fucking breakfast.) Diet Jesus was really in the prayer answering business this week.

My progress is amazing, hard work, effort and motivation are paying off.


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