Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Ultimate Confession

I know one day I will look back and say out loud to myself, "I cannot believe I let myself get that fat and out of control of my own lifestyle."  That will be more than likely my proudest day of this entire quest.  It will be my day of acceptance and the day that I vow all sorts of things mostly though, to never go back, no matter what. With that being said, this is "My Confession."

I don't see life in the same way as I did just 38 days ago.  My life has taken on a whole new meaning, it's an uphill fight (on untrained feet) for refinement.  The way I eat, sleep, my activities and exercise, what I read, who I communicate with are all impacted; there will be casualties however there will also be mini renaissances where the casualties seem minimal and the rebirth's exultant.  In my most glorious gluttonous hour I did not feel this good (should have known then).  So I have already suffered one casualty, (bows head) Gluttony has been eradicated; however sensible eating has been born. 

I always assumed people were fat lard asses because of the way they ate.  Ya' know, pizza, chips, beer, fried this and that, pastas, dessert and second helpings.  While this remains true of why I maintained such a robust (growing) figure all of these years I now embrace the numerous other factors that can counter act being a Lard Ass for me.  Like I said before I am no Diet Guru, nor do I claim to be.  Hell I will leave that to the people who want to make money on late night infomercials and sell work out videos.  But I do know what works for me. However, if I am going to make this continue to work I need to confess:

My Confession:
Dear Baby Diet Jesus, 
I confess to you today.  I have been gluttonous in my previous ways and have learned to change that part of my insanity.  However, my lifestyle is not without fault.  Although I am following Saint Atkins to a "T"; I have been horrible at including all 3 meals and snacks -- as a matter of fact I have failed miserably.  My new eating ways are cooking and grocery shopping intensive.  I sleep until the last minute before work so I have not once had a work out before leaving for my day in the office; and often deprive myself of the beautiful blessing of Breakfast.  In the evenings I eat dinner really late, most times right before bed.  And I also have just not exercised to my full potential at all each evening, making excuse over excuse for myself; only to ultimately be lying to myself.  I stay up late into the night, and sometimes even early morning only allowing myself just a few hours of sleep, only later to dope up on Java's little satanic blessing of caffeine which keeps me awake and alert through the early afternoon (leaving me crashing like a dope feign later in the day).  I have been afforded the shedding of some unwanted fat, I know I can do better.  I will do better, yeah fuck it I will Win.  I am the ultimate competitor, taking no shorts and no losses I am no longer half stepping; I am going to revamp my entire lifestyle going forward.  This is my confession.  



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