Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hail to the Victor!

I'm in love under new management!  I am in love simply no better way to put it.  Like a one of Walt Disney's Princesses, little birdies fly into my window and tickle my temples to wake me up in the morning and a robin perches on my window sill.  Okay, not really but that's exactly what if feels like.  Who is this mystery person who has swooned me so?  Myself!-- ya big dummy.  Did you really think it took another human soul to tell me that I am Wonderful, Beautiful, Fabulous, Smart, Charming, Love able?   Love yourself first; love what you love next, love what you like after that ... and after that generously distribute your love. 

I am my IT factor! Each day I love myself more and more, and my euphoric feeling toward myself the reason why it has not been difficult to adapt to this lifestyle change.  This is no longer only about a battle of being fat and my low carb diet, this is now about my lifestyle; and everyone and everything and everything I put into it.  I think they saying goes "You get what you put out."  I am putting forth major effort, going hard on the court, coaching myself to a win.  I cannot lose, my team is strong, I am highly prepared and hell -- well I feel great!

Many wins to come!  Some will be major some will be a minor territorial battles, but this is the winning team!

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