Thursday, July 28, 2011


I write this on Friday Eve with a great deal of anticipation, anxiousness and preparing to face my greatest trepidation of the week ... My Friday Jeans.  I haven't been the best dieter this week.  I didn't eat a thing off my chart of foods, but I have not been active either.  Geez, now I am praying to Diet Jesus for a Friday Jeans miracle that they fit bigger still.

When I washed them last week I had the bright idea of washing in HOT water and DOUBLE time in the dryer ... I am afraid ... did I shrink?  Did the Jeans shrink? Getting dressed in the morning will probably be stressful; shit!!!!

Well those size 18 jeans better be falling off when I walk; and well that's all I got to say about that ... tomm Pics coming....



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