Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweet Rewards

There is nothing sweeter than a reward ... and to reward yourself is the sweetest!  On all the diets I have been on, and epically fell off of over the years; I have always rewarded myself with my favorite food item or a special craving like a Double Chocolate Brownie with Hot Fudge French Vanilla Ice Cream Drizzled with Carmel and topped with Whipped Cream oh and the Cherry! Never forget, the Cherry.  And this "said" "reward" after losing like 2 lbs! PITTY THE FOOL I HAVE BEEN!  I guess this is part of the reason I am still fat.

Today I Sweetly Rewarded my hard work over the past almost 2 weeks with a Sea Salt Pedicure.  And my pedicure was ever so AMAZING! My feet have been helping a lot in this plight we walk 2-4 miles every day not to mention the battery they take on when my fat ass puts on high heels, (these poor, poor, poor tootsies carrying around all this weight).

And after seeing sooooooo many fat people today I think the gluttonous thought of even eating a reward is a foregone conclusion.  From now on my rewards will be simple feel good measures.

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