Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheaters Suck!

I don't cheat on my men (I keep a harem).  And I don't cheat on myself (I catch me all the time).  So why in the hell would I have the urge today to cheat on my new Diet (way of life)???

The clock ticked as I was at the office, I had already had my 2 boiled eggs for breakfast; and a slice of swiss cheese for morning snack.  I was not hungry; however the urge to go grab some chili cheese fries was unimaginable.  I could taste them, feel them, see them, even knew exactly how much I was going to tip the waitress for them.  Buttttttt, my fat ass resisted.

My arm of guard today was the pants I had on; which were 2 sizes too small, that I selected this morning.  Too small pants hurt!  They are not comfortable and they induce the muffin top state of frame.  So I settled for my leftovers from lunch a few days ago, grilled chicken with cheddar cheese and onions.  Since I went home for the first part of lunch I sliced some tomatoes and added some grilled onions.  Topped with a slight bit of ranch; lunch was good.   I didn't get heart burn.  I didn't spend any money and best of all ... my palate was sexed.

Being the victim of a cheater must suck monster balls!  I mean cheaters almost always get discovered.  I refuse to cheat on me, will you cheat on you? Cheating sucks, and being cheated on sucks more!

#LowCarb, is a lifestyle -- day by day; let us pray to Saint Atkins ahahhhahaahhahaha

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