Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't Write Checks Your Ass Can't Cash!

Don't write checks your ass can't cash!  When you go out talking shit and issuing threats be prepared to back them up! You would be a foolish mind to think this is even a half way good idea; and if you were a foolish mind you would have stopped reading two sentences ago!

I don't write checks my ass caint cash! I don't talk shit without an arsenal of artillery to cover my ass and back myself up.  I'm a weapon, much like a loaded automatic with no safety on the trigger and equipped with hollow point bullets ready to penetrate the target.  Sadly enough, I am also the target.

When I vowed to kick this fat girl's ass, I am sure many of my friends were wondering how long this "phase" would last.  I am categorically a "phase" type of gal.  Long commitments and Me, well let's just say we are not naturally polarized toward successful completion.  However, threats have their own place; my competitive spirit and fierce over achieving complex will not let me be beaten -- I will fight until the bitter sweet, in order to guarantee myself victory.

 Well this war is embattled, however with a single parliamentary governing body of myself giving the directorate; the war is in full swing.  In the past month, I have managed to fully disengage, and cripple the enemy (a.k.a. took away my carbs).  Then I activated the troops (worked out an exercise plan).  But there was an attack back, I thought about wonderful fudge things.  Therefore, mental warfare was initiated; and I began to see fat in primitive disgusting form.  And the results of this battle although not yet determined are starting to look good for me.

When Chaka Khan (later by Whitney Houston) sang "I'm every woman", I am pretty sure she was talking about me.  Thus because, I am every woman.  I have the same problems you all do.  I have endured the same life challenges (whether you admit them or not) from love to hate, envy and fear, uncertainty and astonishment, being the child and now the parent.  See we are not much different at all.  But being every woman is not an over night accomplishments.  It takes some wounds that of course heal and badges of honor, both which I display proudly on my mental mantle. 

I am not having a hard time with this diet change nor life change.  None of my day to day activities are changed; only enhanced.  Food is more flavorful and fun to prepare, and who knew my fat ass had the stamina to keep up with a regular exercise schedule?  To the naysayers who think I will break, who think this is a phase; who want me to fail -- like I said I am kicking this fat girl's ass, no shit talking here.

The most important thing is to love yourself.  I have never had a problem in this area.  But sometimes self worth and what other people view as worthy contaminate our thoughts.  Keep the contaminates out, and continue to perserver forward toward your goals.  When you hit a stumbling block remember its mind over matter, and like my Mom always says "This too shall pass."

Lastly, if someone really crosses the line I believe Ceelo Green sang it best "Fuck You, oh and Fuck You Too!"


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