Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reintroducing the Introduction -- Induction Again

For the next 14 days (actually 13 now since I started yesterday,) I am reintroducing the induction phase of my Low Carb lifestyle.  Like I said I traded my Grisham Latrine entertainment for Robert Atkins New Diet Revolution; and much to my surprise this book pretty candid and easy to read. 

When I started on this quest two weeks ago I was fueled by thoughts of getting rid of fat.  I didn't want to end up with fat knees or DD back boobs drooping over the side of my bra straps.  This still holds true, however since I have always been overweight I did not think of the underlying problems caused by carrying an excessive amount of weight.  I do not have any cholesterol problems, blood pressure, heart or any other related illnesses but being overweight (as I have been reminded by Dr. Atkin's book) is  primary factor in the development many of these issues. 

More than not wanting to be fat, I do not want to be unhealthy!  So following the proper phase one or induction phase, as written by Dr. Atkins (a cardiologist) I am reintroducing my introduction.  I am inducting and kicking higher because this chick will not only be thinner but I will also maintain a good healthy lifestyle! Check out the induction phase, it is simple.  CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO Atkins Phase 1.

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