Friday, July 22, 2011

Fat Ass Update (7-22-11)

I am own inspiration this week! I looked at some pictures taken in May 2011 today and I am more motivated than ever to get rid of this fat, and change my lifestyle to a healthier active one.  I am down around an average of 19lbs total to date; I have lost about 1" around my chest so I'm down from a 40DD to a 38DD.  Shit, really glad I have not lost any letters Ha Ha! 

Food Choices
I have been Christopher Columbus in the grocery store this week exploring the fresh produce department and staking  claim on it's virginity like a savage beast.  And no, I still have not had any carbs!  I haven't cheated at all; I refuse to  Cheat On myself, because Cheaters SUCK!  Once again, Breakfast has been a big ass joke!  How in the fuck do working people get up, and function well enough to cook and eat breakfast while capturing the last 30 minutes of sleep by beating he snooze button on the alarm clock?  It's all fucking Greek to me! I did not venture into Satan's haven (Walgreen's) for any Chardonnay up until yesterday only to find out the damn wine is now 2/ $10.00 -- those evil bastards.  I did have some wine last night since I have a long weekend with pre-scheduled day off work.
I went from a lazy dresser to Curious George this week.  I picked out items that were previously too tight or just plain ole too damn small. Like I told you yesterday those brown Capri Pants a size Jr. XL were a great fit.  And everything I tried on and wore fit wonderfully.  I am my own motivation.  My bra's are getting a bit big; I'm bitter sweet on that one, yeah I'm losing back fat but damn now I gotta pop another $36.50 per bra to replace the motherfuckers.  Shit!
Had I not been such a show off  with my fucking insanity walk; and wanting everyone to know that I hold multiple degree's from the Ivy League School of Rah-Tards I would have been much more productive in the exercise department.  Today my ankle is just now feeling better.  That means I missed three days of exercise.  Fuck!

How I Feel  I've noticed a lot of small changes.  It was easier to wake up and get going this week.  Probably because I did not drink wine, and I was enjoying playing Curious George in my closets. My attitude and demeanor were a bit more humble this week.  Maybe due to me being really busy?  And lastly, my appetite has shrunk size-ably; to the point where I forget to eat all together (which may I mention is not a good idea, I need to stay consistent with eating regular meals.)  Oh well! I will do better next week; I am no miracle worker.

Like a bottle of fine wine I get better with time, just see for yourself!
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