Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bad Habits Don't Exist

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Bad habits are nothing more than useless personality traits in disguise Everyone has a habit or two that I am sure they can stand to shake; however conformity leads us to believe it is "okay" to keep up with those habits; just so as long as you admit (to everyone around you) that you have a "bad habit".  And this is because people don't want to put forth the effort to change, or not be a part of what "everyone else is doing"; but what if your bad habits changed effortlessly?  Some of mine have!

This Low Carb lifestyle is eliminating some of my sociologically described "bad habits" without me even putting forth any effort.  For example I have $250.00 more than I typically do this time of the month; and I keep thinking I forgot to pay a bill.  I have triple checked and all my bills are paid.  So where did this generous windfall come from?  Ohhhh yeah, I know my "bad habit" being too lazy to cook and choices in dining out.  I have only dined out three times since I embarked on this Low Carb journey.  And only two times did I pay; of times I paid my total with tip was under $20.00.

In an average week before I began a low carb lifestyle I'm sure I spent close to $100.00 eating in restaurants, driving through fast food places and randomly grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips at the party store.  So how was it so acceptable to eat out everyday?  Smash fast food and coney dogs?  Munch on chocolate and chips?  I must have figured like everyone else: It's okay, to do it if I pronounce that "this is a bad habit" before, during or after I did it!

The farther I am going into this journey I am seeing what an epic fail people are when it comes to actually putting forth effort for themselves.  I am not talking about effort to gain recognition; I am talking about effort to gain self worth.  Now, I am nooooo saint by any means; but the fog is clearing and it is my realization that I do not have any "bad habits".  I just have made bad choices. Now time to "Do Better" for me.  And, pretty much middle finger to the air for your approval.  Oh, and I approve of this post! Hahahahahahhahha.


PS: (Check yourself, I bet some of your bad habits are just socially charged conformist approved standards.)

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