Friday, July 1, 2011

In Reality ... I Still Have a Muffin Top

In reality I have not yet lost 10lbs or 6" off my waist line; but I must tell you this after being over half way to my two week mark of a very strict no carbs, high protein and fiber diet -- I feel amazing.  Physical changes will slowly take effect; but the physical changes to date are:
  • I Do Feel Less "Bloated" : you know that bloated feeling, the feeling that you just feel like a beached whale waiting on poachers to take your remains back to some third word country and create cheap toys and household goods with your blubber; which they then ship back to the U.S.A. as a turnkey product to sell at your local Dollar Store only for you to re-consume again. 
     My Fat Feels Softer : Ha! I even have to giggle a little bit at this.  Its true!  Squeezing into too tight clothing was less of a feat this week.  Today I wore a pair of Capri's when I stood up they were a bit snug but still comfy; however, when sitting they repositioned themselves right into my fat creating an uncomfortable transfer of fat from my lower half to my upper.  (Pretty Gross Huh) -- OK now I'm motivated again I was NOT comfortable all day.  

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