Monday, July 18, 2011

Day #29 and Minus 14 Lbs

Happy Fucking Monday!!!! Yes I said "happy" and "Monday" in the same sentence; but note the adjective placement.  Anyway today was great!  I realized I am on day 29 and officially down 14-16lbs depending on the time of day I weigh.  WHOOO HOOOO CELEBRATION!!!!

A personal victory came today when I put on some khaki capri's I had on just a few weeks ago that were a bit snug then however, today I had like 3" extra in the waist, the legs were baggy and they felt like pajamas.  And to know me, is to know I love for my clothes to feel like pajamas.  So yes I had a happy start to my day!

As the day went on it got progressively better.  Temps were near 98 with a humidity barometric reading that made it feel like 100+ degrees.  And there is nothing more that this chick likes more than heat and humidity (and eventually escaping to my A/C home or office.)  I cruised to work with the windows down taking full advantage of the moisture in the air.  My sinus', and skin thank me.

After, what seemed to be a quick 8 hour day at the office, I came and home enjoyed a super strong cup of Black Java and tackled about 4 loads of laundry and folded 2 loads I had abandoned last weekend.  As I was folding the last of the clothes my mother stopped by for a visit.  I took advantage of Nana's visit by ditching her with Morgan, my three year old daughter for a nice solo 2 mile walk.

The stupid dog looks like this too!
The walk was swell until some dumb ass neighbor's loose mutt came charging at me.  At first I sort of froze, then when my inner dog whisperer kicked in I slowly paced in my continued direction.  Note to self: Buy mace and spray the fucking mutt just for fun tomorrow.  Anyway after my walk I came home and did a mile on the recumbent bike to cool down.

Food today was simple.  Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese cubes during the day at work; and pan fried (minus the breading and flour) skinless boneless chicken breast with fresh string beans for dinner.  I really need to get better about eating more meals; but really, I have no big appetite any longer.  I just feel so much better about myself, its amazing!

Well its late, Til tomorrow the big DAY 30!


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