Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LOW Carbs, HIGH Flavor!

I am not missing a single meal.  As a matter of fact I have even added Breakfast into the equation.  And I feel better than ever; as well as a noticeable decrease in my hunger. I eat what I want when I want.

Picture taken in the "prep" stage. 

Shrimp Pasta-Less Salad: I made this recipe up the other day based a version of my mom's shrimp pasta salad; then upgraded it with some fresh herbs and carrots. 
-Whole Medium Shrimp (amount to your desire)
-Diced Celery 
-Diced Green Onions
-Match Stick Carrots
-Basil (Crushed)
-Fresh Parsley 
-Boiled Egg
-Dash of Lemon Pepper 

Mix all ingredients to your liking and enjoy!

Good Ole Bacon & Eggs for Breakfast
I generally do not eat eggs, and I don't eat breakfast however to properly have a good new lifestyle breakfast is a must. So I gathered together my pride and settled for Scrambled Eggs with American Cheese and some VERY CRUNCH BAAAACOOONNNN (never more than 4 slices since I haven't yet found a brand that I didn't think was too salty). 

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Cubes: A snack time favorite


See, I told you I have not been missing any flavors, as a matter of fact I am discovering new flavors daily!

Enjoy your next meal or snack, remember low carbs means better flavor discovery.

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