Monday, July 4, 2011

This Week's Fails

As I approach week # 3's beginning I want to highlight the #EpicFails of this week:
The Dumbbell Workout Addition I had planned is an Epic Fail:  These frickin dumbbells are still sitting in my bedroom on the floor with the same dust on them as last week; and the week before, and perhaps just a bit more dust than the week prior to that.  However, if it makes any difference I did manage to think about the dumbbells every day! #Fail

Eating Breakfast proved even more of a challenge this week when I overslept damn near daily; and that is because of the next fail the wine. #Fail ...... Saturday and Sunday I did find time to make Bacon and Eggs!  Yummy.

Wine is wonderful! (who's idea was it to make it Carb Based?); don't you hate when you discover something soooo pleasing to the palate and have to sacrifice it?  Well I haven't taken the wine to the sacrificial alter just yet.  #Fail

Getting Rest is pivotal! I know this.  You know this.  Even the commercials for the mattress stores reinforce this; however due to "Wine", I have been getting limited sleep and having no time for breakfast.  #EPICFail ..... Side note: I did take a 4 hour nap on Sunday!

No shame in my game I have #Fail's also!!!

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