Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spandex ALL Spandex!

Psyching myself up to put on these damn spandex pants was about as easy as convincing Hannibal Lecter that he should be Vegan! With the clock quickly bringing day 52 of my new lifestyle to an end I knew I had to do it, it is Wednesday after all.  And what is this change without consistency?  So I mentally prepared myself by drinking a cocktail of 2 tsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar in 16 oz of Ice water hoping to burn some last minute fat.  Hell who am I kidding?  Yeah this shit was really that hard!

Well, just so I don't get to cocky I put on these spandex pants each week for a dose of reality.  It is one thing to take countless pics of myself in all of my former big ass clothes falling off me; but it is another thing all together to get as close to naked without being a porn star and showing it all off -- My six pack of love handles, and kegger tummy cannot hide in spandex.

So much to my surprise I didn't look to shitty, hell I am sure Hannibal Lecter is licking his chops right now, at the new leaner cut of Me.  But still I can do better. #PushingOn


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