Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Editorial: I'm Not A Fat Evangelist, However...

I am kinda starting to think these fat mother fucking chicks have it made! Traveling around town in caravan's of two or more, you know the theory "the more the merrier".  All while wearing some blend of poly-cotton draw string or combo knit-spandex-rayon elastic waist pants, paired with some sort of over-sized T-shirt to cover the thundering canyons of fat rolls.   Their carts in the stores are nothing short of amazing, Snickers Bars, Chips, Crisco (for their fried foods), Brownies, Snack Cakes, Pop, Artificial Juices; the list is to long to continue.  When dining out they seem to be happy stuffing appetizers, soups, salads and large entrees finished off with dessert into their adipose plagued bodies.  Only to leave the restaurant tugging on their oversized shirt -- I don't know perhaps creating more room for their "after meal snack".   They don't have to worry about working out or sweating out their hair do's; hell they read some where that you can burn calories while sleeping. 

They are even given a further sense of confidence and security, placing a religious faith in buzz words to feel more acceptable about being fat.  Like "BBW" (big beautiful woman) or "Stocky", or "Large Frame" and let's not forget the Hip Hop inspired lingo of "Thick".   There are even specialty stores where they can buy the same exact tiny, provocative outfit that looks hot on a size 4 chick, in a size 18W - 34W.  And since they typically have wider feet they can also buy those stilletto shoes in a EEE Wide.  See they are still sexy!

Sister Big Bones and her crew do not worry about those rolls of fat near their elbows, the DD back tits or scary web-like stretch marks creeping around their thighs.  These are badges of honor from the last four Thanksgiving meals she helped her fat ass family devour, where she vowed she would never eat until she couldn't move again.  Of course, she did it again the next year.

These are the women I see daily, and I look at them holding back the puke in the back of my throat; thinking and further affirming in my mind 'I never want to be a part of their unique and sorted world.'  To me these women have it easy.  They don't have to wake up at the crack ass of dawn to do 50 crunches, a dumbbell workout, 5 mile walk or an hour on an exercise machine.  They don't have to monitor their food or caloric intake, or refrain from large portions.  They don't have to set goals to wear a smaller size because they make the same outfit in 4 sizes even larger than they already wear.   Geez how easy is that shit?  Man, to have a fat mind huh?

Well I made up my mind, 53 days ago.  I will not make it to their level of easy living.  As a matter of fact I made this pledge to "Kick This Fat Girls Ass" to fight for something better.  To date I am almost 3 sizes smaller than when I began.  I have a workout regiment, watch my food intake and have opened my mind to a greater benefit which is my overall welfare.   Yet and still, I cannot help but to look at these women but with no other feelings than disgust and pity.  I want to share my story with them, my motivation and the potential benefits they will enjoy.  But I am not a weight loss Evangelist, plus I don't wanna get smacked upside my pretty little face with those ham hock hands. 

There is nothing wrong with being Sister Big Bones, or even Big Betty for that matter.  But I don't have to preach the importance of weight control for good health, a better lifestyle and personal confidence never before known; I will leave this to the nightly news!

Well, that's my Editorial.


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  1. Well aren't we judgmental my little piggy...As one of those sistas for whom you must hold your puke, never judge another's struggle until you have walked a mile in her run over stilettos. I applaud your efforts here but you must know that at some point she, I - was you. At a 16W - 18W HATING my fat and swearing I would never get a pound larger! and then a breakup or bad grade or lost of a job or friend - pick one - sent me on a binge an the cycle started all over again...

    What I have learned now is that everytime that happens, your body's "set point" The place where it's comfortable - rises. So that's why no matter what you do, once you break the diet - BEFORE YOU GET TO GOAL - you will gain the weight back and probably more...

    But I, Like you, have some fabulous clothes calling my name. I don't find back tits AT ALL sexy and I want to be proud not only of my mind and spirit, but my body too!

    So I'm starting today, with Geneen Roth's book, Why Weight? and a nice lean steak and brussel sprouts. And once we GET to OUR goals - I betcha you're gonna change your tune about how disgusting you think Sista Big bones is...


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