Monday, August 22, 2011

Shit Got Real, Real Quick!

Shit just got really real, really quick!  I started this new lifestyle 60 days ago today.  I am down 42lbs total.  That is basically a little over a pound a day in the law of averages.  Now I feel great, I am looking good and exercise does a mind right. 

But, I must tell you shit gets real after a point.   After the ticker tape of the initial weight loss, the new feelings and the refreshed wardrobe I am left at a new starting point.  Physically I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, and mentally I have shedded some unwanted bullshit too.  However, I am noticing my outer shell needs some re-shaping.

Beauty is Symmetry, and we all now that I am beautiful, so I need to maintain and enhance my symmetrical outer, therefore I joined a local gym and hired a Trainer.  Ok, don't give me shit about gyms; I know I talk mad shit about them -- but now is the time for me to out grow that bullshit too!  Sooooo yeah, me the person who thinks the gym is for people who want to be on next season's Jersey Shore has joined in the GTL crew.  Except I won't be doing the "T" but maybe the "L". 

The party is ova', so you ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the fuck up outta here!  In a nutshell this is my mantra to my former self.  It was an easy first 60 days; very much like a new relationship it was all love and dandy.  I fought food cravings, starting exercising regularly eliminated bullshit and became the caterpillar of the old me trying to spin my cocoon.   Now it's real, I am spinning my cocoon and by spring I will be ready to spread my wings. 

I think one of my greatest trepidations of this journey so far is to be outwardly judged by the "work-out" folks.  Like I feel all proud and shit about my progress but when I walk into their gym I'm just a fat bitch on a treadmill.  Maybe I should carry around before and after pictures to shove in their faces; ya know... gotta keep my pimp hand strong.  Okay really I won't do that but I want to.

So tomorrow is the day!  I am taking one step closer to the new symmetry of me.  I love being beautiful, hell who doesn't.   And when you have been beautiful your whole life it is difficult to accept being unsymmetrical.  (And if all else fails I will go tanning HA!)


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