Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fat Ass Update (08-07-2011)

It's Payday! My commitment, dedication and hard work are paying off like a winning lotto ticket.  

Food Choices
Food is simple.  Avoiding the carbs is painless and effortless, at this point. And high flavor, high protein items are what I crave these days.  My biggest food craving is extra sharp cheddar cheese cubes.  The day just does not seem complete until I have devoured like three cubes; anything more just seems like gluttony.   

Breakfast is in I believe week three of failure.  But this week I plan to have cheese cubes to pack along for a light breakfast.  I think the thought of cooking and eating warm food so early is not yet something I can adjust my mind to.  Yes, I know mind over matter and shit.

Praise Him! Diet Jesus is working miracles now I have bagged up my  3X - 18W clothes to pay forward since they are mostly too big.  That was about 1/4 of my summer wardrobe; and I am teetering toward wearing my regular size 18's and even into some of my 16W clothes.  Since at some point or another over the past 3 years I have been between a size 14W and disgusting size of 3X I still have plenty of clothes to wear and choose from.  One of the hardest things is giving away some  of my clothes because they are basically new and ever so cute.  But I cannot go back to those sizes so they must go.    I have planned so send some of my  newer items and two really cute after-five dresses to StormyVawn, a fellow blogger and twitter (@stormyvawn) friend who is on week  #2 of the #FridayJeans tradition inspired by me.  She even posted the pics to her Facebook "Like" Page.  It was very motivating.
Well finally those dusty dumbbells got put to use this week.  I have found the best time for me to work out is late in the evening.  My colleague mentioned that she watches Netflix while she works out.  Wow what a great idea!  So I too embraced this concept.  On average each evening this week I have done about 4-5 miles on the recumbent bike while taking in a episode of "Nip Tuck" on Netflix; followed by a dumbbell work out and some stretching.  I wake up feeling amazing!  I just need to keep in mind how pivotal exercise is to this lifestyle, especially since I pretty much sit at my desk 8-9 hours a day. 

How I Feel  I am reminded by my own thoughts and observations how powerful the mental thoughts and observation calculations impact my desire to continue with this lifestyle change.  It seems like every woman I see these days is a minimum of 50lbs overweight.  Its disgusting to me.  I am almost repulsed by these women, really.  I take notice to every detail from how their too tight pants tug at their bodies to the 8 pack of fat rolls showing through their shirts.  Even how some tug at the front of their shirts constantly; a sure sign of a lacking in confidence department.

My Mental Health is definitely improving as well, not that I thought I was psycho or anything.  I have embraced the art of meditation and focusing on my goals when I have quite time to myself.  Even when sitting in my office, I speak to myself with encouraging words.  I am my biggest motivator.

I catch myself checking out my reflection in every window, and mirror I pass.  Checking to see how much different, if any I look.  And the person smiling back at me is looking and feeling good.  What a good feeling.

My progress is amazing, hard work, effort and motivation are paying off.
Fat Ass Update 07/30/2011


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  1. you go girl!
    pretty soon we'll call you "skinny ass girl"


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