Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Omigosh, JOSH!!!

Meet Omigosh Josh -- he is the newest person in my kick ass fight to lose weight and get healthy lifestyle.   And right now as I type Josh the Trainer's name is being adorned with four letter words, as my arms legs and butt are achy.  I have never taken this sort of beating from anyone!  And here I am letting Mr. Omigosh Josh teach me to abuse myself First the Arms, then the Legs, and lastly Cardio capping off with a cool down. Are you kidding me? After just our second "date" his sweet smile is starting to look more like a sinister grin.   Well like most everything else, I have dove into this with my all.  But really after just two days I feel even better than I have over the past 65.  Having remembered to eat breakfast every morning has not yet been a problem this week because I am famished when I wake up.  Lunch which has never been a challenge is sensible, because I know after work I will have to snack on something before I go for my evening rendezvous with Omigosh Josh!

With today being Wednesday I am prepared to don the spandex and pose for my close up!  I am unstoppable, I am woman, I am fearless oh and I don't think I will be breaking up with Josh anytime soon.


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