Friday, August 5, 2011

#FridayJeans (Week 4)

Not for one single solitary moment did I feel like participating in #FridayJeans this week.  But hell in any relationship there is sacrifice, and I'm so committed to me and well I sacrificed; I put away my urge to wear leggings and donned the now famous #FridayJeans.

Same Damn Jeans, Just a Different Friday. These Jeans are [no longer] 'Boot Cut', In Size 18

 These damn Jeans were falling down with every third step I took, it was like a "hike up" work out all day long.  Note to self: wear belt next week.  Now wearing jeans to work in the summer time is fine no matter the weather outside because it is always an artic 60 degrees in my office.  However, with temps outdoors hoovering around 88, after work running errands will make your ass sweat! Whew! As soon as I got in the house I grabbed the camera to snap the pics because I needed to jump outta those hot ass pants, and quickly!  (I think I saw steam?!?!?)

Shout Out One Time for my #FridayJeans Supporters and Friends


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