Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fat Ass Update (08-28-11)

I'm not the pussy ass exercise phobic chick I was in July! I am slimming down, building up mentally and ready to full out go harder than I have gone thus far.

Food Choices
Guess who's been eating breakfast? MEEEEE!!! Yup 2 weeks straight been doing the breakfast thing.  Nothing to fancy just some ham sliced and cheddar cheese cubes -- (my favorite is extra sharp).

Also I have learned to embrace Pork Rinds (or skins depending on your geographic local), they have zero carbs and they have that salty and crunchy thing going on; so they go pretty well with lunch time tuna salad! 

Every day is a fashion show!  I'm on the catwalk, that's right -- Work It Girllll (Rupaul Voice).   I have been in a mad dash to wear all my fabulous clothes before I am swimming in them and they are paid forward to someone who can use them.  Two former pencil skirts are now like baggy sacks, yet and still I am going to get a few more wears out of them.  This week I plan to throw in a few formerly too tight blouses and bring out some slacks that I have not ever been able to fit into.  Now that's confidence! That will be a feel good moment!

Guess who joined a gym, oh wait annnnddd got a trainer? MEEEEE again!  I am winning all over the place here.  Let me tell you the gym joining, and trainer adoption was not easy!!! After just two work out sessions with the trainer I was popping prescription strength Motrin 800, and walking like Fred Sanford.  Yea I could only wear flip flops and even getting outta bed was a painful challenge.  But I stuck with it.  According to Josh (the adopted trainer dude) muscle burns fat; and since I'm all about burning fat, I can charge this to No Pain, No Gain!

How I Feel  I am stronger than ever mentally.   I have calculated a plan and I am executing that plan right now.  Situations beyond my control (in a sense) have lead me to have a newly found freedom.  I plan to make the best of it!  I know where I am going for the very first time in my life and you know what it feels good.  So not only will I be physically thinner by the time I am giving you a GOAL ACHIEVED update, I will also be exactly where I am designed to be.  For now I won't say much more on this but, like I have told you countless times -- I am a warrior and I will too win this fight.  Otherwise, I feel like a first time, future world class boxer training for the first fight of his career; I know I am going to win but training for the fight is a defined challenge.

My progress is amazing, hard work, effort and motivation are paying off.
Fat Ass Update 07/30/2011


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