Saturday, August 13, 2011

#FridayJeans - New Pair!

Well it's official, I have shrunk out of the first pair of Friday Jeans!!!  Hell Yeah (Does booty shake dance.)  I am super stoked, I will miss those jeans they were super comfy but, hell I won't miss em' enough to be able to fit them ever again.  I promise this to myself!  So on to the next pair, a size 18 from the JUNIORS DEPARTMENT -- bowing my head for a moment of silence, realizing I will no longer need to shop at Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart.  Okay that moment is over, I won't miss paying more for clothes because more material was needed.  On to the next one.

These are from Old Navy's Junior Section,  a straight leg cut pant and right now they are kinda fitted.   Just two months ago I couldn't pull these fucking pants over my hips now look!  Diet Jesus is a miracle worker I tell ya, him and Saint Atkins are really giving me the the edge to continue. 

One last Hoorah for the first pair of #FridayJeans, now presenting the second pair.

 I feel unstoppable, victorious and impatiently waiting to downsize my #FridayJeans again!


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