Friday, January 13, 2012

Weighing In On : Fox 2 News 21 Day Challenge

I cannot say I am overly excited or nearly as impressed as the 750+ other Facebook Group Members of the My Fox Detroit 2 21 Day Challenge.  In short the Facebook Group is described as "Join Fox 2's Deena Centofanti in a simple 21 day challenge designed help you lose 5 pounds in 21 days!" 

The Facebooker's joining the group seem to be all ages, races and from all walks of life all struggling with the same issue as myself and others -- they want to lose weight, eat better and become healthier.  However reading the posts it seems that while some are well on their way to their goals; others are pesimistically battling themselves and straight up losing.  Mind over matter people!  I want so badly to put some of these people in a room and reintroduce them to themselves.  

Up until May 2011, I was once like many of them.  Simply craving foods for the pure satisfaction the taste and chasing the "thanksgiving full" feeling in my tummy.  Not being able to pass up favorite candy bars in stores when I was hungry, eating shitty meals from restaurants you can drive through packed with preservatives, artificial flavorings and dipped in grease before being served to me in a paper envelope or wrapped in carefully manipulated thin wax paper.  By all rights and without retaliation someone should have round kicked me in the head for ever putting any of that bullshit in my mouth!

I remember being here.  But it didn't take much for me to get over the hump, I think having a breaking point and not a facebook group is what some of these people need. 

I do think this group is a good idea, it seems most people need a group setting to do something for themselves.  And whatever works for you, I say do it!  Well not everyone is as self motivated as they have written on their resume's I guess.  Myself partially included; while I do not deter from my eating lifestyle, I do tend to find countless excuses to not go and work out.  The hardest part for me is actually driving to the gym.  I am either really high strung on the roads, or a lazy driver and never quite "feel like" battling the traffic demons in my city.  However once I walk through the doors and see other people working out, the competetive little Bitch in me comes out and I go hard and challenge myself to push on. 

So I hope this challenge works out for at least 10% if not more of the people who have taken part, for their own personal satisfaction.  And I hope that at least 5% start a new healthier lifestyle. And I hope the remaining 85% turn into drive through restaurants and get off the road so I do not have to battle them in traffic on my way to the gym!


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