Monday, January 2, 2012

Mega Bitch is Back!

I took a blogger break but I am back.  No major weight loss set backs as a matter of fact as I rejoin you bloggers I am a proud size 12.  That's right!!!!  I was a size 24 when we first locked eyes from our monitors across the fiber optic wires we felt a slight warmth a bond form between us.  It was what the romantics have romanticized about for eons.  That's right love at first sight!

Well, then like a simple stray puppy I roamed.  Did you put up proverbial posters?  Search high and low?  Well, like they say feed 'em and they will always return.  You fed me your comments, your highs and lows and I realized I was still hungry for more so I am back!  And I won't leave for so long again.

Hey, c'mon you little simpleton!  Dry your eyes -- tears of joy are for Wussy People.  I am glad to be back and glad to be fed by you again.

Stay tuned, I have had some true experiences that will be taking this blog to places that I have yet to even explore.

Love, Hugs and Ice Water Kisses.


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