Sunday, January 8, 2012

No Thank You!!!!

No Thank You!!!! (To quote my daughter's par for the usual rant.) I am not interested in your advice because you wear spanx and body magic to look thinner and you are still FAT.

No Thank You, for your so called words of encouragement, because all they are is your defense mechanism against yourself -- which I think is brewing from some sort of fucked up childhood or upbringing you may have had.

No Thank You, to your fad diets and potions and pills and solutions and shakes.


Damn!  Really?  Ok, so again may I remind the masses and in particularly the solitary soul who continually perceives this as a cataclysmic race to get super skinny.  That same solitary soul who grossly misunderstands and thinks losing weight is the only goal here; who fails to realize that I have made a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! I am NOT ON A DIET!

I eat differently than you.  I work out daily, whether it is a trip to the gym, a hardcore aerobic class or an extreme house cleaning adventure. 

But what I really want to know is who died and deeded you the title of weight loss guru and extraordinaire?  No one!!!!  Please, to quote Rhianna "its over now, come on and take a bow".

I have been listening to this shit dribbling from her mouth for about 3 months and I am now totally exhausted of all patience! I can no longer hold my tongue.  So I bid her good luck with her race against time to get super model skinny, good luck with the pills and shakes and self indulgent one sided conversations with random strangers who have come to the same conclusion that you are bat shit crazy.

To my regular readers, I am having a ranting tantrum moment I just get sick of BULLSHITTERS and their ongoing saga's of BULLSHIT.



  1. This "solitary soul" will be brushing the dust off herself after you leave her in it. You have the absolute correct outlook. This is a lifestyle change. If you don't change your lifestyle then all your hard work will be for naught as your formerly fat self will return, and then some. Respect is key, we need to respect ourselves as well as those that we support. She clearly has no respect for you, and I'm guessing very little self-esteem. Why else do people attack others? To make themselves feel good about their piddly existence. You rock:) Keep it up!

  2. Ha! Thanks Leigh, apparently the "solitary soul" does not read well because she called me today with the same shit! Oh well .... incoming call (( hits decline button ))


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