Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year -- Same Me!!!!

I am not so sure how I feel about the New Year Newbies.

You know who you are!  I know who you are too -- because you have called, text, emailed, posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr the list goes on and on about how you are all of a sudden on some insane diet and work out regiment because its a New Year.   You have gone on and on about how you plan to lose 100lbs in 3 months on the latest fad diet that cuts your daily caloric intake down to 200 calories while adding a 5,000 calorie burning beach body workout to your daily life.

But damn, I gotta ask myself what happened to your fat ass the last few years?  Oh I know, you did the liquid shake diet and then realized you were lactose intolerant. Or, you joined weight watchers but you didn't really know how to add up those fucking winning points!  Ohh, wait I really get it now you bought Tony Little's Gazelle, the AB Circle Pro, and the Hip Hop Aerobics DVD set but, you didn't have the room for the equipment and your DVD player broke.  Whatever your reason I think I understand --- NOT!!!

None the less it is a New Year!  Time to do something new? Not me I am the same, my lifestyle change I selflessly submitted myself to in May 2011 has been non-altered, I have made no ridiculous weight loss resolutions, I have invested in no expensive aerobic exercise equipment or stocked up on protein drink powder and vitamin supplements.

But in retrospect if I had been thinking I would created some easy to tuck away exercise machine for you to buy and had an Ab Model do my infomercial, then concocted a fat killing sugar pill and a saline solution of placebos for you to rush and order.  At least you wouldn't be fat alone; you could have joined my fat pockets.  Well since history repeats itself I know what my project is this year, LOL.

Happy New Year, and Welcome to My (soon to be Fat Pockets) World Newbies.



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