Thursday, January 5, 2012

Her Big Butt Theory -- My Q & A with Blogger Stormy Bradley

Proud Mother, Wife, Educator and now add Blogger to her endless Resume of accomplishments and you have Stormy Bradley!   Her matter of fact approach to blogging clearly paints a picture of her life, goals, diet successes and set backs.  All while giving her readers (myself included) that gentle nudge that reminds us that we are all human and all trying to do something better of ourselves in one way or another. 

"Big Butt Theory; if I work it I will Shrink it."  I must admit the title of her blog alone first got my attention "Big Butt Theory", which as you can well imagine fits right into my sense of humor; and once I realized what a wealth of information she was I became a dedicated reader of her and began following Stormy on Twitter and Facebook. lets break into Stormy's Mind Shall We? 

What was your breaking point?  The moment when you said that’s it I am going to lose weight? 
 I have been struggling with my weight since I had my last baby in 2008. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror or how I was feeling.
What diet(s) have you tried in the past?  And what were your successes / failures with each one?
My 1st attempt ever I was using eDiets. Then I went to LA Weight Loss and Weight Watchers this was back in 2002-2003.  I went from 220 to 150. Then I started gaining the weight back after my grandmother died. Then I went thru a rough divorce. Then I fell in love, got married and had a couple more babies.
What type of diet / lifestyle do you follow now?
 I track my foods and exercise regularly...back to the basics...

What is the hardest part of your diet / lifestyle for you? 
Not eating out as much and resisting sweets offered by my hubby.
Do you regularly exercise?  If so what do you do? 
I have been on a exercise streak since my 40th bday on NOvember 28th. I do dancing, boxercising, and biggest loser on my wii. I also walk on my treadmill. In addition, I use exercise videos from Netflix.
Do you consume any alcoholic beverages?  If so do you find they hinder your weight loss? 
I barely drink so unless I am going out dancing I can manage.
What is your favorite outfit since you have lost weight? 
None yet... I am not at my goal weight yet.

Have you changed any other physical appearances about yourself? i.e. hair? Make up? Shoe choices? 
 I have colored my hair. I also finally got some Bare Minerals makeup. 
What is your favorite “diet” snack?
Fresh fruits...especially tangerines & bananas.

What is your weakness food or drink?
Cookie Dough Ice Cream

What do you do to motivate yourself when you are not motivated at all to continue on with your diet / lifestyle?
 Lately I use my blog followers and my blog challenge as my motivation. I don't wanna quit on anyone. Or embarrass  myself.  

How do you feel these days? 
I feel strong & optimistic. I am ready to conquer 2012 with a vengeance.
In general what advice do you offer to other people who want to lose weight or are battling with their weight loss?
 Get support.
 Build on your success.
Never quit.

Stormy has been been such a great motivator I encourage you all to check her out!

Twitter: @stormyvawn
Facebook: bigbutttheory

That's all for now!  Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Healthy and Be Motivated!!!


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