Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Everything I do begins and ends with a level of motivation -- I know you thought I was superwoman didn't you! 

So I today after merely one week of successful diet changing, adding a substantial amount of exercise to my life and a few blog postings I asked myself, "self what is your motivation to continue?" (Thus during a hungry trip to the grocery store.)  And then, it hit me!  Like some cosmic force of supernatural gravity my arm slowly brushed against something soft, slightly round and a little bit pillow-like.  A bag of Marshmallows? Nope fat lingering on my right side!

In an adrenaline filled, heart racing panic -- not only did I grab some cauliflower and broccoli to cut into florets for lunch tomorrow; I picked up my walking pace just a bit convinced I can turn any non sitting position into something that will be mutually beneficial to my health and my long term goal.
My Fat is My Motivation.  Whats yours?


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