Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book: Don't Diet, Just Think And Get Thin (by George Diamond)

I see George all the time.  Professionally he is one of my Vendors which by the way is totally unrelated to this blog.  Personally he is one of those guys who you always can count on to be the same kinda guy.  Positive.  On His Toes.  And, Innovative.  George worked hard to loose weight, he found his way through what he describes in his book "Don't Diet, Just Think and Get Thin."  

Now let me be the first to admit:   #1 I have one of the first hot of the press copies autographed by George in my office totally untouched and unread.  and #2 My main reason for not yet reading the book is, well I was in the middle of a torrid relationship with John Grisham at the time.  

But at minimum, I thought if anyone decides to read this blog perhaps you will gain from his book.  It can be purchased through his website or on  Now I am not promoting or endorsing something I have not tried or read; so I am not posting links to purchase pages but just some info for those who care. 

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