Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer SeXXXi : The Mad Dash

Have you noticed any of these things? The gyms are overcrowded with   unfamiliar faces, the treadmills, elliptical machines and cycles are being held up by what I have deemed the newbie work out crew.  The weight machines are being used as resting places or even recliners in some situations?  Your favorite vitamins and protein powders are in limited or scarce supply?  Well blame it on the Summer Sexy Crew!
Every year the vicious cycle starts to repeat itself; between February and April (even into May) a great mass of people vow to get "Summer Sexy".  These are the people who are sedentary for 9 months out of each 12 month cycle, who keep the restaurant, fast food and junk food industry profitable.  The people who are inspired by the weekly ads for work out equipment that have realized this seasonal promotional sales blitz is a great time to sell some more home gyms.  These people are the reason Tony Little still sells 1,000 units of 'The Gazelle' each year! These are also the people who ultimately fall victim to gym attrition.  Who are so busy counting calories, drinking shakes, taking supplements and diet pills that they fail to realize that in order to be sexy in the summer, they need to be sexy year around -- furthermore a few weeks on the treadmill and eating a granola bar or two is not going to make a drastic difference.

The 'Summer Sexy Crew' is just another collection of people who are an annoyance.  In  the colder months these people can cover up their 'Un-Sexiness' with jackets, sweaters, long shirts and pants.  But with the seasonably warm temperatures that can sometimes rise into the high 90's and 100's they are forced to strip of their hide away clothes and show some skin -- skin they should have been working on year round.
My annoyance is also my comedy.  I am amused by the diets, and propaganda for quick weight loss, 6 week 6 pack abs, and claims that 80-100lbs can be lost in just "three short months".  For those late night infomercial watchers the before and after pictures are them.  They say stuff like in just three short months I went from a blubber belly to a rock hard beach body" just by doing blah blah blah.  Most times I just want to issue a C'MON SON!  If weight loss were that simple don't you think the obesity epidemic would fall off the radar, and we would go back to discussing the War on Drugs?

Pledging to diet is the first mistake.  Diets are fails.  Epic Fails!  Fails of Massive proportion.  How many people have you heard tell you in the same breath that they have been on countless diets?   Joined various weight loss programs?  Taken this pill, or that pill?  Bought the newest work out DVD set?  All in an attempt to Diet the pounds away.  Well their first mistake is Dieting! 

I have said it before and I will say it again.  Diets are a straight set up for failure.  Lifestyle changes are the only way to truly lose weight and KEEP IT OFF.  Unless you like to wear a 5 size variance of clothing throughout the year, put an additional strain on your heart with the up and down of weight and just feel like pure crap? I suggest changing the way you eat, become more active and cease and desist with the vow to become Summer Sexy!  Remember there are four seasons to contend with.

Diets don't work! By definition diet in this context is a temporary restrictive food plan.  See the word "temporary"?  95% of people who lose weight 'dieting' gain it back within 1-2 years with additional weight.  To lose weight you need to ditch the diet and update your mindset; you know the way you update the apps on your smart phone! Instead of 'dieting' find a healthy way of eating that works for you and your lifestyle.  Not everyone is meant to go hardcore Atkins, or become a vegetarian over night.  Remember you are socially conditioned to eat the way you do, blame your parents and environment if you need a source.  To lose weight eat foods that feed your needs, if you have a active lifestyle research and discover what foods are best to sustain you through your activities.  If you are more sedentary eat foods that are symbiotic with a less active lifestyle.  And whatever you do, do not forget to work out or exercise.  Your body will thank you later, your entire body not just those love handles you want to make magically disappear so you can wear this seasons latest fashions without embarrassment.

So in your mad dash to become the next video vixen for the summer, or Mr. Rock Hard Abs, keep in mind your lifestyle needs to change and not just for the next 6-8 weeks; but forever!


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