Sunday, April 22, 2012

Look What I Found!

Over the past few weeks I have had some pretty interesting finds, some stuff I found just by happen and circumstance, other stuff through good ole' word of mouth or being nosy. Check out some of the cool stuff I have found!

1. Walk With Walgreens!
Ok, I probably would have not really paid the huge cardboard cut out of Donald Trump any attention in my local Walgreens except it had a big red sign on it that said "FREE KIT".  I quickly summonsed a cashier to find out where to sign up and get my free kit.  At a photo kiosk I entered minimal personal information and was presented with a little ornate box, with a pedometer and duffel bag inside.  GREAT FREE DEAL.  You can get one by visiting your local Walgreens or visiting


Fellow Blogger Stormy Vawn has been posting from an app called Gympact so I downloaded it to my iPhone to see what all the hoopla is about.  GymPact helps you commit to exercise and actually do it, using cash incentives! Currently this app is only for iPhone users but you can earn up to $0.75 for each trip to the gym.  And YES they can verify each gym visit!  But how cool is it to get paid for going to workout?

3. Mary's Gone Crackers!
Ok, ok, ok!  I know I have been avoiding carbs like the plague for almost a year now.  But a recent visit to my Mother's house turned up this cool find.  I always rummage through her cabinets and refrigerator when I first walk in (actually I do this at most people's house LOL)!  Well, after examining the carbohydrate content and deciding it was ok to have 4 crackers I tasted them.  EXPLOSION OF FLAVOR INSTANTLY IN MY MOUTH!  The entire Mary’s Gone Crackers’ line is manufactured in the USA in their dedicated organic, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free facility to ensure there is no cross-contamination.  My Mom said she purchased them at her local Costco, but I found them online as well.   Here is a link to the site 

In the grocery store this week I purchased some fresh Cilantro, which I chopped and put in a bowl in my refrigerator.  Well on Tuesday evening when I made Rosemary Chicken salad for dinner, I accidentally put a huge hand full on top; since it was chopped so fine that I couldn' pick it out so I just blessed the salad with my standard dressing and chowed down.  OMG!!!!! YES THE FLAVOR WAS AMAZING.  I craved salad all week based on that new find.

While searching my site stats I noticed I have been getting 7% of my traffic hits from a site called  Curious I visited the site, signed up and even have made a few friends.  Since signing up traffic to my site sourced from has gone from 7% to 22% that's pretty good since I am only active on there about once weekly.  If you have a blog, check them out, here is the link

6. Bravo Cucina Italiana Chopped Salad Recipe!
My favorite restaurant salad is at Bravo Cucina Italiana, but the nearest location is 20 miles from my house so I do not go there often.  But when I do a double order of this salad is always my fare.  Lucky for me a Pam a friend in a the My Fox Detroit Weight Loss Challenge Posted the Recipe.  And now I am super duper excited to try to make this at home!

I hope you like my finds, hey try one of these, or if you have something cool to share post in the comments!  You can even post anonymously!


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