Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Planning FAIL!

Basically I pretty much SUCK at following a menu plan I see.  Shit ... not only did I go off course on the menu I prepared I totally skipped breakfast this week.

FAT FAIL #1 : I did not prepare my boiled eggs for the week on Sunday Night.
FAT FAIL #2 :  I did not prepare my lunch at night before bed.
FAT FAIL #3 :  I was too lazy to cook at all this week!

Solitary Accomplishment : I did not skip the gym at all this week.

So all in all I did not stick to my carefully calculated menu.  I did however workout each night.  So now this week its back to prep, prepare and being ready.  I am not giving up on the menu planning, however I guess with this week's menu I will actually follow through with it a little better.

Ah well, lesson learned.

3/6/12 @ 6:08am UPDATE: I skipped Breakfast but at lunch pretty early. Lunch was Tuna 3 cheese cubes and 3 whole wheat crackers. I sprinkled one tsp of Chia Seeds in my Tuna and by Dinner Time even post - workout I was NOT the least bit hungry. I settled instead for about a 1/2 cup of Roasted No Salt Sunflower Seeds and Water.

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