Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Color of Pee Pee (Light Yellow Works For Me)

So my friends, last week I felt like I my ass and stomach were having storage wars!!! No matter what I ate to try and "move along the latrine progress", if ya know what I mean NOTHING HAPPENED!
I was bloated, lethargic, fatigued, slightly constipated and did I say bloated?  With the calendar indicating there was no immediate impending visit from the Crimson Queen Aunt Flo for at least another three weeks I was baffled as to what was causing this feeling.
I then saw a post from a Virtual Friend (Joanne fellow member of the My Fox Detroit 21 Day Challenge Group on Facebook) she said she experienced the similar symptoms.   Her solution was to up her water intake from 64oz to 96oz+.  So based on her raving posts of feeling great; last week I too upped my water intake dramatically -- I mean its just water right? No harm, no foul... 
Now we all know when you increase your water intake the ‘latrine workout’ goes into full swing, something like this: ♬♬ Pants Down, Squat (or Man-Stand), Aim, Release, Wipe, Pants Up ♬♬  – aaaannnnddddd REPEAT!
So with all these latrine workouts going on, naturally I started paying closer attention (than usual) to the color of my Urine.  And that made me wonder what color should my Urine be? … Light Yellow? Neon Yellow? ... Maze?... Mustard?... Sun? ...Clear?
“Seek and Ye Shall Find …”
The Science of It All:  Urine is made up of excess water and waste products that have been filtered by your kidneys from your body.  Its natural light yellow color is due to excretion of a pigment found in your blood called urochrome. So, depending on the amount of fluids you drink, your urine can range in color from almost clear (hydrated) to dark orange or yellow (uber-dehydrated).
Clear Urine? : Over Hydrated! And you could be drinking too many liquids!   A good rule of thumb is to shoot for drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day (i.e. I weigh 185 pounds, so ideally I should drink 92.5 ounces of water per day).  As a note and health warning this could also mean a liver disorder, such as acute viral hepatitis or cirrhosis (however, you would have other signs and symptoms like a yellowing, jaundiced complexion, nausea, vomiting, fever and fatigue).
Neon Yellow or Bright Green? :   This is a Great, Color for Fashion Week but coming out of your other end...Not So much.  This could mean some sort of vitamin supplements that are being taken in excess or not being absorbed by your body.  Whole food-based vitamin supplements are for better absorption.
Dark Yellow, Golden, Maze? :  Dehydration!  You better drink some damn WATER NOW!!!  Try the “half your body weight in ounces” method; and don’t cease the water intake when your pee returns to normal -- make it a habit!!!
Pink or Red? : It could be blood in the urine from a kidney or bladder infection; you may want to go check with your doctor.  Or it could be as simple as you've eaten too many pink or red foods like beets or berries or foods that are artificially colored – yes that means KOOL AID TOO!!!  It could also be a side effect of some laxatives (read the packaging on your brand).
Orange? : This could be a side effect of a medication (you may be taking) a good idea is to ask your doctor about this at your next visit; if you are not on any medication it is possible that you've eaten too many orange or red foods like beets and berries or foods that are artificially colored.  It could also mean dehydration.
Brown, Dark Brown or Shade of Brown? : This could mean a liver disorder!  Document other symptoms and note your stool color and complexion irregularities and contact your Doctor at once!   If you are on any medications; it could also be a side effect of certain medications – read the packaging from the pharmacy or accompanying document for over the counter products.

Cloudy or Murky? : You could have a potential urinary tract infection.  Document your other symptoms like low back or lower abdominal pain, frequent or urgent needs to “go”, and fever and then see your Doctor.   Another cause is potentially Kidney stones (these usually cause a great deal of pain… if this is you, see your doctor!).  Or the least of the serious it could be that you have just eaten too much asparagus.
May your Pee Be Light (Yellow) and Your Spring Wardrobe Colorful!!!


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