Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Favie Things!

Oprah has her list, although mine is not as pricey or as extravagant it is just simply Au-inspired by my lovely life.  Co-Inspired by a friend's blog I decided to share with you a few of my Favie Things!

#1 - Looking good enough in fabulous clothes and shoes for a random public bathroom solo iPhone Photo Shoot!

#2 - 25oz Bottles of Absopure Natural Spring Water. Ok really just water in general.  I cannot tell the difference in taste between this water and the water from my tap; however, I think the bottle shape and mouth piece are what attract me to this water more than anything else.

#3 - Teaching my Daughter the art of Friday Night Chill-laxation Techniques.  (Note how chill she is!)

#4 - Looking like Shit at the Gym.  Yup you guessed it nothing I love more is the fact that I am at the gym for a purpose; and not a fashion show!  No false fronts here.  Zero Make Up, Hair unkempt, just me my 3 shirts and my earbuds!

#5 - Veggie Soups. Fresh out of my kitchen.  I have adapted and conquered a recipe for Cream of Broccoli Soup!  Its Fresh! No Preservatives or Hidden Ingredients & Just the way I like it!!!!

#6 - My Big Ole' Puppy Rozee.   She is my 190lb Pedigree American Bull Dog that I have had since she was 2 weeks old.  Bottle fed her and carried her in my purse until she was too big for that now she rides shot gun with us whenever an occasion arises that she can tag along.  The verdict is still out on if I love her more than people.

#7 - Hanging Out with My Good Buddy Ian.  From the second we get together until the second we leave each other there is side splitting laughter between us.  Even a simple trip to the mall to recover my lost debit card was an "experience" rather than a frustrating day

#8 - Blending Lipsticks!  Nothing I love more than a great looking make up job that looks Au-Natural with a hint of frosty sparkle to give myself that Old Hollywood glam look!  Well This Pink Rose Frost blended with Mocha Rich (made by Cover Girl) are my daily staples.

#9 - Fresh String Beans. Steamed in 1/4 Cup Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rosemary, Thyme and Garlic.  DELISH!!!

# 10 - Being This Kid's MOMMY!  It's a no brainer she is the most perfect kid in the world, for me!!! 


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